Shooter Jennings made fans of his parents, Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter, very happy earlier this year with the release of his classic country sounding ‘Family Man’ CD. Shooter, mostly known for his edgy southern rock style, changed up the pace and put together an album that sounded a lot like his old man had a hand in the making.

Now, the son of country music royalty has announced via his Facebook page that he will be coming out in early 2012, and Jennings suggests it will be another country project, stating:

“Mark this down: my next record, the flipside to Family Man, "The Other Life" is coming January 29th, 2013. Get ready. Me and Blake Judd are cooking up something really [great] to go along with it. Stick here/Twitter to find out more! Love you guys”

Does this mean Shooter Jennings is becoming a full time country music artist? I wouldn’t bet on it. Despite the fact that Jennings did a duet, 'Drinking Side of County' for the new Bucky Covington CD and appears to be doing very well on the country scene, he seems to be ready to return to the hard rocking sounds heard on his 2010 concept album, ‘Black Ribbons’. Shooter followed up news of his next CD with this post:

“Oh and for you guys asking about a ‘Black Ribbons’ type follow-up. Got some country to lay on you first, but there is something along those lines in the works... On a bigger scale :)”

So, it doesn’t appear that country music gets to keep Shooter Jennings forever.

Here's Shooter's video for 'The Deed & The Dollar', from 'Family Man':