A month or so back it looked like the secret recipe for Coca-Cola had been released; turns out it wasn't real, or so the Coke company has claimed.  There are more companies out there that don't want you finding out their secrets either.  Five top companies have "secret recipes".One of the first companies I think of when thinking secret recipe is Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Many have tried to imitate the Colonels recipe chicken but no one has quite come up with the formula.  The suppliers don't even know the complete recipe.  There are 11 herbs and spices but each has to be mixed in certain proportions to make the concoction.  The original hand written recipe is locked away in a vault with cameras and motion detectors, so don't think you can just go get the recipe!!

Each supplier produces a different recipe component. A computer at a separate supplier blends the ingredients so no single supplier knows the whole recipe. And even if someone got the recipe, says Maynard, without the right proportions, cooking process time and temperature, “it’ll be fried chicken but it won’t be KFC.”

Then there is the Coke recipe as I mentioned earlier, but remember when they changed the formula and came up with NEW Coke.  Nobody liked it and their sales dropped, they had to change back to the original

formula.  Hey don't mess with a good thing.

Coke has it's rival Pepsi who also has a secret recipe formula.   North Carolina pharmacist Caleb Bradham actually came up with a tonic which was later named Pepsi-Cola.  It too is locked away somewhere that no one will talk about.  Man, these folks must get paid alot of money to "not talk".

Some people think McDonald's has a secret french fry recipe.  I don't know about that, as I mentioned last week I worked for Mickey D's and I didn't get paid to "not talk".  I can tell you they come to the stores bagged, boxed and frozen.  We dump them in the fryers for 4 min, add some salt and you have yourself some fries.  I can tell you that they are the lighter golden brown when you have new oil, the darker they are the older the oil is...that's the only secret I know.

Now if you are a "dog whisperer" you might be able to find out the recipe for Bush's Baked Beans.  Seems Duke the family dog is the only one who knows the recipe for the canned beans,other than Jay(the owner).  I guess Duke just likes to tease, because he's never told the recipe!

One person who claims to have cracked both the Coke and KFC formulas is recipe cloner, Todd Wilbur. He’s published his results in a series of ten best-selling “Top Secret Recipe” books.

I too have a secret recipe for my grandma's homemade mac and cheese but I'm not telling it either.  I'll just have to make it for you sometime.  It was a staple at all family get-togethers and now I make it for all holiday meals.  It's the best but I don't think I'll be getting rich off of it unfortunately.