It's time for my favorite videos of the week. Two of my videos this week involve pets, the other is a stupid human trick. But hey everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight when they do something cool right?


This first video is a dog trying a lime for the first time. The dog seems to go a little berserk when he tastes the lime, maybe it affects dogs differently than humans. Or not.

So here is the stupid human trick. These guys (of course it's guys) decide to throw the skier a beer and see if he can catch it, he does or we wouldn't be watching the video. My question is how many beers did they lose before they got it right?

My last video is of the dog Jesse. Jesse is the kid every parent wishes they had. He picks up his own toys, helps out around the house, closes doors, gets his own dinner and snacks, does his own shopping and even flushes the toilet. Check out Jesse's video.