Last night was not one of my favorites, not because of the dancers, but because of the guest judge. I am not a fan of Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms). None the less, it's down to the nitty gritty and everyone left on the show is deserving, so from here on out, eliminations are going to be tough.

Charlie & Sharna had a quickstep last night that earned them their first perfect score. It was a deserved 10. I think this was Charlie's best dance yet.

Danica & Val tangoed last night but missed a perfect score by 2 points. It was well executed but still needed something more for me and apparently a couple of the judges as well. Danica is still performing with a hurt rib too, so I take that into account.They would find themselves in jeopardy.

Meryl & Maks had a sexy rumba that Abby Lee did not enjoy. The dance was great, dramatic, emotional. Meryl has a way of expressing the mood of each character/dance that completely draws you in and absorbs you.

Candace & Mark competed with a foxtrot last night. Even Len enjoyed it! I agree with Bruno and Carrie Ann, in that, Candace seems to have found her groove, her confidence. She is more animated and self assured in her dancing. She is the embodiment of the show.

James & Peta's Viennese waltz was elegant and sweet, but the judges had mixed emotions about it. Scores ranged from an 8 to a 10. It's hard to peg James, he's great some weeks and not so strong the next but I think he's shown a lot of growth and has done very well in the competition.

Amy & Derek performed an Argentine tango, or what I call the angry dance. Amy too is dealing with an injury. She injured her back last week and so there were a few compromises made to their dance but it was spectacular nonetheless. The couple walked away with their first perfect score.

There were also celebrity duel dances performed last night, were the dancers left their pro partners for a bit. The scores from that were averaged in with their solo dances and voter scores.

At the end of the night Danica and Val were eliminated. Like I said it's down to wire and eliminations are getting harder to choose. I felt like Cameron and Mark would be the ones to go but she's had stellar growth the last couple of weeks.

Watch Amy & Derek's Amazing Argentine Tango: