It was a hot Latin night on DWTS plus, someone went home. Ricky Martin kicked things into high gear, starting the show off with a hot performance of his latest hit 'Vida'. He also served as guest judge for the rest of the evening. Here is my take on last nights dances and (spoiler alert) the evenings eliminated couple.

Oh, this week was also a group dance week, with the cast being divided into 2 groups competing for extra points.

Amy and Derek pulled off a pretty steamy Rumba as their Latin dance. Amy was called out by Carrie Ann on a small toe lift.It didn't hurt her scores any though, as she received all 9's.

James and Peta were next out with an almost raunchy Samba. They both dropped clothing as the dance commenced. James ripping Peta's overalls off and she ripping his t-shirt off (not that I'm complaining). Everyone but Len liked it, he gave them an 8 otherwise it was 9's.

Danica and Val had a Salsa this week, and a broken rib. Danica fractured her rib during rehearsals but powered through last nights dances like a champ. Have you ever broken or bruised a rib? It's not fun, makes breathing difficult but dancing? Extra points from me to Danica. The judges weren't as forgiving, receiving all 8's except from Ricky he gave them a 9.

Tony and NeNe had an Argentine Tango which was not her best dance. I've been critical of NeNe from the start, I just don't think she's all that grand. But she has had better dances, this tango did not suit her. It showed in her scores this week with Len giving them a 7 and everyone else giving 8's.

Charlie and Sharna had a Paso Doble this week. This is, what I call, the 'angry dance'. I think they did a great job. Charlie was in control and passionate the judges, for the most part, agreed. Len, cranky old man, gave them an 8, but Ricky gave them a 10, so it averaged out to all 9's.

Candace and Mark did a very sexy Argentine Tango. They did a great job, but it lacked a little chemistry for me. I wouldn't take points away from that, because the footwork was great but it's something she struggles with every week.

Finally Meryl and Maks and their Salsa. What a couple. I do have to say I believe these two will be taking the trophy this year. Their dance last night was perfect. Well almost, Len gave them a 9 but it was all 10's from the other judges. They just have something that sets them apart from the others, chemistry, desire, I don't know but it's going to win them that trophy!

The team dances were Team Vida and Team Loca. Amy was on Team Loca, and had to be taken to the hospital with a back injury earlier in the evening. The dress rehearsal footage from that teams dance was used in lieu of a live performance. Team Vida received a total of 35 points and Loca 39 points. Those were added to the individuals scores for the evening.

At the end of the evening another couple was released from the show and that was Tony and NeNe.

Watch Team Loca perform their group dance: