This is week 3 of the newest season (18) of DWTS. There was a double elimination last week so there are now only 10 competitors. This is where the scaling down process begins. The judges get harder, the routines get more difficult and the stress starts to show. Here are my thoughts on, this, week 3 dances.

This week, by the way, there are 4 judges. Robin Roberts, from Good Morning America is sitting in as guest judge. I won't go through all of them in great detail but here are a few thoughts on what I saw during this weeks dances.

James Maslow - He's got the looks, but it's the foot work that counts here. He's got that too. I've been impressed with his ability and the jive was his dance of the evening. He nailed it in my opinion.

Billy Dee Williams - Didn't dance due to a back problem. I just don't feel that some people should be on the show. He's 76 and just can't cut it with this level of dance and rehearsals.

NeNe Leakes - I'm just not feeling it for NeNe. Just not impressed with her skills.

Cody Simpson - His dance was good but it wasn't my cup of tea. I think I'm too old to appreciate his style, but the judges enjoyed it and as I've said before he will get fan votes.

Danica McKellar - She had a beautiful contemporary dance this week and did a great job. Her arms and lines were graceful and flowing. As my boyfriend said 'she could do anything and succeed'.

Drew Carey - Drew impresses me with his hard work. He's a comedian so I expected a lot of high jinx but he's been super focused on the dancing and I think he's doing a great job. He's still a little stiff but he's making progress, as it should be.

Meryl Davis - She had a very sexy dance with Maks tonight. It was incredible. It was beautiful, her passion and interpretation of the music was beautiful. You can also tell that Maks is at ease with her, he's not fighting with her and seems to be relaxed and enjoying the ride.

Amy Purdy - What an incredible story she has and Derek told it through choreography. She lost her legs and kidney to bacterial meningitis at 19 and had to relearn to walk. This was the most beautiful dance of the night as well as emotional.

Charlie White - He has great charisma and talent and can pretty much to anything asked of him. He has great charm that will win the audience too.

Candice Cameron Bure - She danced to an Elvis song and although her dance was good it didn't suit her, in my opinion. However, what she performed was done very well. She's never had a dance lesson so to be dancing at the level she is, is pretty awesome.

So if you're keeping up 3 have now been eliminated. Diana Nyad, Sean Avery and Billy Dee Williams have all been booted.