As I mentioned in my initial blog there are a lot of athletes competing in this season's DWTS and that is already coming through in both competitiveness and stamina. Here's my take on this weeks dances.

Billy Dee Williams/Emma: He's the oldest of the crew this season and he has some hip problems that are hampering his dancing. I don't think he will be there long.

Meryl/Max: Great spunk, energy and elegance. She's got a slight advantage in my opinion. Being an ice dancer is somewhat similar in your extensions and expression but it's the footwork technique that's different. The dance from tonight (March 24) was spot on for Meryl. She did incredible.

Diana/Henry: Diana was pretty stiff, but she was having fun and that's the best part about the show. Will she be one of the first to go? My guess is yes.

Amy/Derek: Amy amazes me, she has 2 prosthetic legs and can keep up with Derek.  I'm not sure if they hadn't told me I would even know that her legs were prosthetics.

James/Peta: Eye candy...yes! But the boy can dance too. Their Latin salsa dance was incredible. I think he will be around a while. In the word of Carrie Ann...DAAAMn!

Danica/Val: Danica is very good and I think closely matched with Candace Cameron. I said before the season started I think these two will be fighting it out week to week.

Candace/Mark: Mark takes liberties with choreography which then reflects on his partner because the judges tend to go traditional and he pushes the envelope. That happened with their dance, on this, week two. The judges saw their dance more contemporary than traditional rumba. However, Candace isn't comfortable with overly sexual moves either so it wasn't exactly what the judges were looking for.

Charlie/Sharna: Charlie definitely has the showmanship to be a dancer. I think he has to bring out more of a dominance on the floor though. He's comfortable on the ice but he has to bring that to the dance floor now.

NeNe/Tony: I think NeNe thinks she can dance. She's ok, but she's not great. She will need all the fan votes to keep her there for the duration.

Drew/Cheryl: I want to like Drew and I think he does an ok, job but he's going to have to work on his arms and loosen up a little. He's stiff and conservative. I would be too in front of a live audience, but he says he loves the live audience so it's not the 'stage fright' he just has to work on his technique.

Sean/Karina: I was very impressed with Sean. I didn't expect to see him move the way he did. I thought his dance was great and I hope he continues to improve and get fan votes. He's what the show is all about. Taking someone who doesn't know anything about dancing and seeing the progress they make.

Cody/Witney: Cody is going to have the fan votes of every teenage girl that has a cell phone. His dancing was pretty decent but I just kept expecting him to break out in some hip-hop dance during his tango. And his pants! They may be his style, with he low crotch,  but they don't belong in the ballroom. Just my opinion.

Spoiler Alert: don't read or watch this if you don't want to know what happened!

So Diana and Sean were both eliminated at the end of the nights show. I wish we could have seen more of Sean. I think he had potential. I really think Billy Dee should have gone home instead of Sean but I realize he's an icon and had many fan votes; part of the show. Diana wasn't that great and it probably was her time but as I said in my evaluation, she enjoyed herself, had fun and embraced the experience. Next week we will see, again, another show surprise. Robin Roberts from 'Good Morning America' will be a guest judge.

Diana's Elimination


Sean's Elimination