This weeks artist spotlight goes to Shania Twain. Why? Because I think she is a musical/marketing genius. I know over the years a lot of the credit was given to her, now, ex-husband Mutt Lange but I think Shania had a lot to do with it too. After a long hiatus, divorce, raising her son and a 2nd marriage, she's back at it with a residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Shania is the best selling female country music artist ever, selling over 75 million albums world wide. Shania came on the country scene the same time I started my radio career, so I've seen her grow from the 'new artist' to the superstar she is now. Unfortunately I've never met her nor seen her in concert.

When she first hit radio it was in 1993 with a self- titled album. That album included 2 of my favorite songs by Shania; 'What Made You Say That' and 'Dance With the One That Brought You'. It wasn't until 1995 though, that she made a name for herself with, The Woman in Me album. That was followed by Come On Over and Up! Numerous awards and accolades followed until she stepped out of the lime light and moved to Switzerland.

Now, though, with the residency in Las Vegas I am hoping that Shania will get the bug to head back into the studio. I've missed her music and would love to see her make a radio comeback. In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite videos, although their are many to choose from.

What Made You Say That

Dance With The One That Brought You

Home Ain't Where His Heart Is Anymore