Most of the time you hear of "flash mobs" you think of kids doing some kind of hijinks they shouldn't. There was the group that stormed a convenience store a few weeks ago causing all kinds of damage. This time it's a group of senior citizens in Kansas that are causing the ruckus.

It's not a big flash mob, in fact, I'm not sure if there is a minimum number of people needed to qualify as a flash mob but these few folks brought a little cheer to a local Target in their hometown.

The song they are grooving to is "Last Christmas" from Glee. They have props, coordinated moves and even lip sync the song for onlookers. One lady is on a walker and lets loose to groove but she's still connected to her oxygen tank attached to the walker (thank goodness)!!

Listen at the end and you can hear someone ask where their next gig is....this is great, you can't watch and not smile.