The Jetsons had flying cars and robots; that will be reality before we know it.  There are already self driving cars, they just aren't available for public use--yet! Google sent 7 of these cars out for test drives on public roads and no one knew about it until after the fact.  The Toyota Prius was sent out on roads with what's called artificial- intelligence software installed in them to allow for people free driving. Basically you are just along for the ride.  In theory these cars allow for fewer accidents, less carbon emissions and faster drive time.

Each vehicle was piloted by artificial-intelligence software designed to interpret the data collected by the sensors and use it to mimic the decisions made by a human driver. The goal: to fundamentally change the way we use cars.

The little cars are cute, but they are very,very small;  smaller than the smart car that IS available currently.   I think it would be fun to have one but they are along way off from becoming the norm.  Just knowing that we have this technology is incredible!!