Well it's almost that time; back to school.  But before you head back make sure you check out our latest way to win.  The Back To School Showcase is up for grabs and it won't cost you a penny, just a few VIP points. There are 3 prizes in the showcase, all valued at $750.  If you are the lucky showcase winner you get to choose which prize you want.

We have 3 great sponsors; The Hen Shack, King Music Co. and Wild Bill's Pawn Shop.

You will notice you have until September 5th to get entered. Your first entry is free, after that it will cost you 3,500 VIP points for each extra entry.


Now there are lots of ways to get bonus points. You will see each of our sponsors have videos posted, when you visit those and listen and watch the videos you will be given bonus words to enter for extra points.

Check out each sponsors page to find out more about what each has to offer.

Good luck VIP's hope you win!!!