I'm not sure how much longer the Scott Lyle Band need to let people know they are formerly known as The Gringo Kings. It's been a couple years now. But I do know that the D/FW-based band is really, really good, no matter what name they give themselves. There's evidence to that fact with the band's latest single, 'Beautiful'.

Don't ask me why few bands do uptempo love songs anymore without it coming off as corny, silly or lacking the emotional connection that a ballad does. The Scott Lyle Band pull it off as well as anybody. 'Beautiful' doesn't sacrifice any of its meaning in its fun, happy, upbeat delivery. Lead singer Scott Burgess makes you believe the lyrics in his vocals, and the band sticks to what it's great at, serving up a rocking country sound. Take a listen:

Scott Lyle Band - "Beautiful" lyrics

I wish that you could see the
The way you smile and look at me oh girl
Ah, it's beautiful


You and me out on the coast
Lovin most of the day away
Oh, it's beautiful


Tomorrow's a brand new day
And I will be on my way
To you, beautiful


Well I dance with you
And you hold me close
You whisper in my ear
You're the one I love the most
Yea, it's beautiful


Your spirit's free and your roots run deep
Oh girl, you make me complete
Ah, it's beautiful


Well I want to stay forever, girl
If forever is with you
Oh, it's beautiful


Tomorrow's a brand new day
And I will be on my way
And I just want to say
I love you beautiful
You are beautiful
Ah, you're beautiful