Remember the Jurassic Park movies? They took amber with mosquitoes in them extracted the DNA and created dinosaurs from that. Well they've pretty much done that in real life now only using a plant, a 30,000 year old plant. A team of Russian scientists have done the impossible and opened the door for more experimentation.

The scientist raided an ice age squirrels burrow buried in the Siberian permafrost and found the seeds that allowed them to experiment.

Silene stenophylla is the official name of the plant. The plant is reproducing seeds and has a dainty white flower when in bloom. The Russian scientists work was published in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" here in the United States.

The science team feels that more permafrost research should follow because there are other life forms preserved there that could be explored. They say the squirrel burrows are almost natural cryogenic banks. They would dig holes in the ice, fill with hay and then line that with fur creating a perfect preservation chamber. These burrows aren't just below the surface either, it takes a little work to get to them; they are 125 ft. deep.

So what do you think. Should they, if they find animal tissue, follow suit with resurrection on them as well? Or is that messing with nature?