Sara Evans found the need to make the announcement that she is alive an well. With rumors going around that she was in a car accident recently, a simple post on Twitter and Facebook helped clear the air for her fans.

Her message was simple and to the point:

“There’s a rumor that I was in a car wreck. It’s not true thank God!”

But for those who were wondering why the rumor even started, more explanation may be required.You see, there was a 16-year old Ohio girl, Sarah (with an 'h') Evans, who was in an accident that caused the SUV she was driving to flip onto its side last week. The teenage Evans was cited for "failing to yield to a stop sign". Apparently, she was fine. The other driver, a 70-year old woman, was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

To prove further that the country singer is accident-free, Evans returned to Facebook and Twitter, and posted a photo of herself smiling on a satellite television tour for AXS TV, where she was promoting an upcoming concert.

It was a good thought to deal with the rumor quickly. Lately, there's been a rash of celebrity death hoaxes, including rumors spread of the passing of artists like Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks in the country music industry. We're happy to report that all are fine, by the way. Reba has a new television show, 'Malibu Country', debuting Nov. 2 on ABC, Taylor's new CD, 'Red' is one of the most anticipated music releases of the year, and Garth is in the home stretch of his 3-year residency in Las Vegas, which wraps up Nov. 17th.