First it was a slew of cute pet videos that took the interweb by storm. Now it seems the Russians are trying to steal their thunder by doing some of the craziest stuff possible...on camera.

Apparently there are a ton of Russian vehicles equipped with dashboard cameras because there are a ton of viral videos shot from the cars point of view.

This time around it appears there's a driver who's too impatient to wait in traffic with everyone else, so he/she decides to drive down the middle...with two tires on the cement median.

If you're look me, you've always wondered what would happen if you got too close to that cement median. Thanks to this stupid Russian driver, now you know. Do not try this in your own car, my bet is that you'll destroy the side and probably get pulled over.

The only thing left to wonder...does the driver have a bottle of Vodka in that car with him?