This past weekend I made the trip north of Abilene to Strawn TX. to Mary's Cafe'. Mary's boasts they have the largest chicken-fried steak (CFS) in the Lone Star State. Mary's also has one of the most extensive menus I've seen, five full pages to be exact. If you want a steak, Mexican food, fish or a big ole hamburger, you're going to find it here. The chicken-fried steak is what I was after and I'm about to get me some.

They may very well have the market cornered on the claim "largest chicken-fried steak." When mine was delivered to the table it was hanging off all sides of my plate. There was barely any room for my little ole salad and my Texas toast on the plate. As for the cream gravy it's delivered in a 16-ounce cereal bowl. Needless to say, I asked for a to-go container when the server asked if I wanted a slice of homemade pie. Yep, Mary's will make sure you don't leave hungry.

Here's the deal if you start craving a big ole chicken-fried steak and you venture into Strawn, there are three ways to order the Mary's Cafe' CFS, there's the small, medium or large. What you see in the photos is the large chicken-fried steak. It's enough to feed three to four people and if you decide to share they will charged two dollars per person as a set up charge.

I visited Mary's Sunday afternoon at around five o'clock and I will say they were packed wall to wall, door to door. As for parking there's plenty of it across the street, they even an area for motorcycles. They also serve ice cold beer which I observed being served with a lot of chicken-fried steak dinners and Mexican food plates.