As I look back at my 35+ years in radio, it's hard to pick out the memorable moments I've had, because there are so many. Here are a few of those memorable moments that have either changed my life or changed the way I looked at things. These are the moments I remember most often.

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    Meeting a Nobel Peace Prize Winner

    Dr. Peter C. Doherty, is the St. Jude Hospital Immunologist that won the Nobel Prize in 1996. I was able to meet him in 2000 during a tour of the hospital. The tour took us through his laboratory where he was working on vaccines of all kinds. I recall asking him several questions to which he asked "are you a doctor or a med school student?" That was a moment I will never forget and a moment that taught me not to ask so many questions and listen more.

    Photo by: St. Jude
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    Being Inducted Into the Country Music Broadcasters Hall of Fame

    It was late February 2010 when I flew to Nashville to be inducted into Country Music Broadcasters Hall of Fame. I had been notified two weeks prior of my induction and that I needed to bring my wife. The big surprise was that I was inducted by country music superstar Randy Owen from the group Alabama.

    CRB Hall of Fame Induction photo by:
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    Marcus Lutrell Gives Me the Death Stare

    I was at the Country Cares for St. Jude Kids seminar in Memphis, Tennessee where the guest speaker was one of my favorite guys in the world, Navy SEAL and war hero Marcus Luttrell. In his opening remarks he asked everyone to turn off their phones, period. I took a few pictures with mine and then did as he asked and I powered down my phone. About 30 minutes into his speech my phone starts ringing and that's when Luttrell stopped talking and shot me a look that could kill. Did I mention I was sitting front and near center? He stopped talking and then he just stared at me, for what seemed like an eternity. I swear if looks could kill, I would've been a dead man. The dang iPhone apparently turns itself back on to sound it's scheduled alarms. Lesson learned, don't bring your phone when Marcus Luttrell is speaking.

    Photo by: Rudy Fernandez