I got an email from my friend Kirk Webster in Nashville, telling me that George Jones had just died. I couldn't move, I just stared at the email (for what felt like an eternity.) In as much as I hate to admit it here, it happened, I started crying. I was overcome with all kinds of sadness and emotions. I try to regain my composer just to go tell my boss Frank, the greatest country singer/songwriter of all time George Jones was dead at age 81. Why am I so moved by the passing of George Jones?

As I type this out, I'm still shaken up. I had the opportunity to meet George on several occasions and the one thing I remember most is how George Jones shook my hand. Jones shook my hand but he used both his hands in a firm, yet gentle way. Then he got up close into my personal space, looked me in the eye and said "thank you, thank you so much for coming to see an old man like me sing tonight. Y'all don't know how wonderful that makes me feel." You know, I believe he meant every word of it.

I remember the three occasions when I was greeted the same way by him, twice on his tour bus and once backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. Jones made me feel like I was the only one there with him at that very moment. I am most grateful I got to meet him and enjoy his music. I will forever remember him, R.I.P. George Jones.