Johnny Cash's boyhood home in the legend's hometown of Dyess, Arkansas is nearly ready to open to the public. After about 2 years of work to restore  the house where Cash spent his youth, it's planning to open for public viewing in April, 2014. Johnny's daughter, Rosanne has been keeping close watch on the progress.

On the official Johnny Cash website, Rosanne took some time to share her thoughts on a project that has been very near and dear to her. She states:

“I was really thrilled to be involved and really moved by what they’ve done. Their historical accuracy is just beyond belief, to find just a chip of paint and then send it to the lab to find exactly what the color was. And they consulted my aunt Joanne a lot, who lived there, who grew up there, about what the furniture, what the linoleum looked like. So the restoration of the house is complete and it’s really amazing.”

Dr. Ruth Hawkins is the director of Arkansas Heritage Sites, and is heading up the restoration, and recently explained in a statement that Cash family members who lived in the house have been very helpful in the process. Hawkins said earlier this year:

“Thanks to his siblings Joanne’s and Tommy’s great memories, it’s going to seem as if the Cash family has just stepped outside the door to head to church.”

If you're wondering how many people might visit the small town of Dyess, Arkansas for it's only major attraction, it's a day trip north of Memphis, TN. So the likelihood of Johhny Cash fans and music lovers keeping a flow of visitors to the boyhood home is better than you might think.