Looks like it is finally official, LA Lakers Ron Artest has changed his name to Metta World Peace.
Why? That is a very good question. Read on to find out.

Artest claims he was inspired to change his name by Chad Ochocinco (real name Chad Johnson) and the fact that he has so many parking tickets.  He says he's never paid a ticket in his life and doesn't even know how.  He doesn't read the fine print, just takes the tickets off the car and sticks them in the glove compartment.  So how does having parking tickets make you want a name change.  Well.

Mr. Artest had so many parking tickets he wasn't allowed to change his name last month when he wanted he had also been cited for driving with out a license and he faced additional charges due to missing a court date.  Once all of that was cleared up then he was free to pursue the legal name change.

Artest appeared on a radio show on 710 ESPNLA Wednesday night and discussed the name change among other things. Saying that he had a mystery woman help him come up with names narrow the list down and finally come up with Metta World Peace.

"Metta is going to be the first name and it means like friendship, love and kindness," he said. "World Peace is going to be the last name, so everybody can get ready to buy their World Peace jerseys."


Mr. World Peace (we are not on a first name basis yet) did not appear in court Friday but was represented by his lawyer.  The Judge granted the change in court in under a minute.  The legal name change will take affect Sept. 17.  However, if you look up Twitter, Facebook or Google "Metta World Peace" you will find the man formerly known as Ron Artest.  Didn't Prince do this also?

World Peace has an 8 year old daughter (Diamond) who now also wants to change her last name to "World Peace" but that will take a little more doing.  A minor must have consent from both parents.  So if that is granted then she will become "Diamond World Peace"....REALLY people?

The next thing World Peace must do is change all of his legal documents, drivers license, passports, jerseys, Dancing With The Stars moniker.  Actually, World Peace will use his appearance on DWTS Monday to explain publicly his reason for the name change. DWTS is also the reason he did not appear in court....he was busy practicing!

Hopefully the NBA lockout will end so Metta World Peace can reign.