Do you remember the 1982 movie “Roar” about wild lions, cheetahs and tigers? "The most dangerous movie ever made" as it was called, all because the cast and crew members were hurt during filming. 'Roar' is being re-released in theaters in April and on DVD in June 2015.

This movie gained popularity in the '80's because the film makers exposed the cast and crew to wild animals. The films director and producer would forgo stuntmen, special effects, or trained animals.

The results were 70 cast and crew members were injured during filming. Here's a few of how the casualties went: Actress Tippi Hedren broke a leg, Director Noel Marshall was attacked and hospitalized for gangrene. Young Melanie Griffith was mauled by a cat and required facial reconstructive surgery and a cameraman required 220 stitches to close the wound that scalped him.

Although most of the cast and crew were hurt, not one of the animals was ever harmed in the making of 'Roar'.

Check out this movie trailer for the 1982 Film "Roar"