There’s a report that says 80% of the roads in Abilene have been graded to be in poor condition. City hall has estimated this figure based on a grading system in which roads can receive the grade of either “excellent”, “fair”, or “poor”.

As someone who has traveled a lot of roads in Texas, particularly on Abilene roads almost nonstop for the past 11 months, I will admit that there are a lot of rough spots in need of work around town. The reason is simple: cutbacks in road crew personnel and general funding have made it pretty much impossible to keep up with the deterioration of Abilene roads. Some roads, I grip the steering wheel and hope I don’t hit any of the big potholes. Others, I just try to avoid altogether. And potholes aren't the only problem. Several intersections require that we slow down to a near stop in order to keep from bottoming out on the uneven pavement.

To be fair, though, I don’t see Abilene roads to be in any worse shape than most of the other Texas cities I’ve driven in over the past couple years. It seems to me that economic cutbacks and the overall economy has seen the quality of roads suffering across the state, and most likely the country.

Is there a road that you have to travel every day that has you weaving around potholes, slowing down, or taking a detour? If there is a specific stretch of road or pothole that has your attention, you can report it to the city here.