If you are a FOX News watcher then you know Greg Palkot; he is a very straight forward, expressionless, no frills reporter.  He has recently, like many reporters, been in Egypt during the protesting.  He and his cameraman, Olaf Wiig,  were forced to flee their hotel and were both badly beaten by Egyptian government supporters. 

The two were both severely beaten -- to the point they had to be hospitalized. The two have now returned to London, and in their first interview since the incident, recounted the danger they experienced.


CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was also beaten as have many other reporters who are just trying to report on the events going on in that nation.  I realize that there is much going on in Egypt but when you get a mass of emotional people together it turns to "mob mentality".  Most of the protests have been peaceful but a few Mubarak supporters have turned things ugly and violent.  They forget these people are just reporting, they have nothing to do with the government or how it is run.  They are just bringing the event to people all over the world, it's sad and scary that they turned to this kind of violence against innocent people.  I'm glad these guys, as well as other reporters, are alive; and God Bless them for bringing news, good or bad, to everyone all around the world.