A ten year old boy buys back a former NFL players Super Bowl ring and returns it to him.

While I'm not sure I agree with this kids use of his college fund it is refreshing to know there are people out there that think of others.I remember the big #72 football player for Chicago known as the "Refrigerator Perry" from back in the

day and I've wondered what happened to him.  Turns out that The Refrigerator suffers from a disease known as   Guillain-Barre syndrome which causes nerve damage and paralysis.  He's also lost his hearing and gets around these days in an electric scooter.  But says he's doing better and his even back to fishing.

This ten year old boy from Pittsburgh,  Cliff Forrest, took $8,500 out of his college fund to pay for the Super Bowl ring that once belonged to Perry and then, along with his family, flew to Chicago to return the ring to it's rightful owner.  It's believed that Perry sold the ring during some financial problems.  Perry was in Chicago doing an autograph session when the family showed up to present him with his ring.

I'm not sure I would have let my kid take his college fund money do such a thing but the lesson learned was probably worth it in the end.  He did something nice for someone he'd never met and that's hard to find in an adult much less a young kid these days.  I'm sure his parents were proud of his gesture.  I'm sure Perry is grateful as well and I hope he does something nice in return.  Pay-It-Forward as they say.