I love shopping and when it comes to buying presents I feel a certain satisfaction in coming up with the perfect gift. I like to give useful gifts when possible not just to be giving something. So this year I think I found the perfect gift for my co-workers.

Every morning we walk next door to the Wes-T-Go convenience store for a snack and beverage. We spend quite a bit of money doing this and about 2 years ago I bought one of their refillable mugs so I wasn't wasting the Styrofoam cups each time. Plus it saves me some money. I've tried to set a good example but no one else has followed suit.

So this year I bought them each a refillable mug for their Christmas present. Most of us drink sodas or tea except, Frank Pain, so he got the coffee mug instead of the 32 oz jug like everyone else. There are benefits to this. Our trash cans won't over flow each day with cups, trees will continue to grow, and the guys will save money just like me. Sometimes the obvious, not creative, is the best way to go.

I'm feeling really good about my choice of gift this year and they seem pretty happy with it. As Dave says 'it's the gift that keeps on giving'. Now what to get them next year!