Since 1900, the Texas and Oklahoma game has been one of college football’s biggest rivalries.  I remember,  as a kid,  thinking this WAS the biggest game of the year on any level including pro football.  Even though the name of the rivalry has changed, there is no love lost between these two teams and,  this Saturday, the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners will clash again  in another Red River Rivalry.

Known as the Red River Shootout until 2005 when it was changed to the Red River Rivalry, Texas owns the series lead by winning 59 times to the Sooners 41 wins and the teams have tied 5 times.  It doesn’t really matter what the teams are ranked when they meet, it usually is one of the most intense games to watch.  There have been a few blowouts along the way, but more often than not, these games are pretty close.

This year, both teams are undefeated but, on paper, Oklahoma has the edge.

OU is ranked 16th in total offense while UT is ranked 81. Passing offense has the Sooners at 12th in the nation while Texas ranks 91.  The Sooners have a consistent QB in Landry Jones with a lot of weapons.  The Longhorns have been rotating Case McCoy and David Ash in at QB.  The Sooners have had better defense this year with an attacking offense making them very dangerous, especially if they jump out to a lead.

Now, with that said, since making the switch to rotating quarterbacks, the Longhorns have outscored their opponents 102-37 and both QB’s have not been picked off. With two quality backs, the ‘Horns have had a lot of success on the ground and their defense is not too shabby either.  As the season has progressed, you see a lot more confidence in the team.

Honestly, I think this game will be close.  If the Longhorns can get some turnovers and pound the ball, I think they have a shot.  However, with the Sooners combination of Landry Jones, Ryan Broyles and Dominique Whaley, the Longhorn defense could be in for a long day.

Either way it should be a great game.

So, who’s going to win?  Longhorns or Spooners…I mean Sooners?  Obviously I’m going with burnt orange.  Hook ‘em Horns!

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