Black Dutch Sioux, a rocking country band out of Fort Worth, has a sound that I've never really heard before. Actually, I've heard attempts at heavier, harder rocking country rooted music before. I've just never heard it done this well before.

A coworker showed me the video for BDS' 'Fall of '86' recently, and I feel the need to share it with anyone who will listen (or read). This song has all the lyrical characteristics of a Charlie Robison or Pat Green tune, combined with heavy metal guitar, attitude and angst.

'Fall of '86' opens, innocently enough, with a country-sounding guitar. Lead singer Ross Shifflett joins in with his opening lyrics:

I was born in the fall of '86
Mama raised us kids alone
She learned how to stand strong from my grandmama
Who bore seven of her own

This is the point where, upon first listen, you start thinking this is another pretty good red dirt country band from the Metroplex. Not so fast, my friend.

Enter distortion pedal and amped up bass and drums that kick 'Fall of '86' into another genre. Our sweet country song has effortlessly flipped to metal. With considerably more intensity, Shifflett continues his introduction:

I'm the youngest born in my mama's four
It'd be my two brothers and my  sis
Daddy left to do time when I turned 12
Ain't seen him since
Pleased to meet you

This is a painfully autobiographical song that gives us honest insight into what makes Shifflett tick. There aren't a lot of singer/songwriters out there who are willing to expose their life for everyone to hear like this. That, in itself, is impressive.

I've seen hard times and I've seen 'em get harder
Like a dark cloud that followed me
You see, I buried my brother when Jesus took him home
Six days after I turned 19
Pleased to meet you

I love this song for all its energy, its honesty, and the fact that 'Fall of '86', in all its uniqueness, makes a connection. For all of its rocking intensity, I can imagine this song would play well in a reworked country version, or acoustic. It's that good.

By the way, this band is musically solid. Shifflett on vocals and guitar, John Wright at lead guitar, drummer JD Wakefield and bassist Josh Morrison make up Black Dutch Sioux, and there isn't a weak link. If you research BDS further and make it to their Reverbnation page, you'll notice that the band tends to have more of an outlaw country/southern rock/blues sound on the rest of their songs. All the songs you can listen to on the page are great. Personally I hope there will be more red dirt metal songs like 'Fall of '86' in the band's future.

Here's the video for 'Fall of '86' by Black Dutch Sioux: