Here's hoping that Randy Travis' good news is a sign of things to come in 2013. The good news is, as long as he can cooperate with the terms of the plea deal he entered regarding his misdemeanor assault case, Travis will avoid spending any time in jail.

According to a report from E! Online, the country legend has been given a 90-day deferred sentence as a result of his plea of either guilty or no contest in the case. If Travis can stay out of trouble, avoid any more legal issues and comply to the terms of his probation during the next three months, he will avoid a formal conviction and the case could be dismissed.

Travis was cited for assault last year following an August 23rd altercation with his fiancee's estranged husband, Ritchie Beougher. Travis originally entered a plea of not guilty, and he even went so far as to file a civil suit claiming Beougher provoked the singer in an effort to cause physical harm and embarrassment toward Travis.

While this plea deal has Randy Travis out of hot water regarding the assault case, he is by no means out of the woods legally. The singer was officially charged with DWI earlier this month, and he has yet to enter a plea regarding that arrest. New toxicology reports from his 2011 arrest showed Travis' blood alcohol content level was higher than 0.15, which would makes it a Class A misdemeanor. If he is convicted, Travis could find himself in jail for up to two years and be fined as much as $4,000. His lawyer, Larry Friedman says Travis' legal team is working to present a plea deal in that DWI case, too.

In a news report from CBS-DFW, Friedman added that he "expects a trouble free 2013 devoted to his very supportive fans and friends".Let's hope. Randy has already taken a huge step in the right direction, as he has quit drinking.