Randy Houser is not wasting anytime in between singles, here's why, Houser is coming off of a certified Gold selling #1 single "How Country Feels." In that song Randy takes the girl and shows her "How Country Feels." Now with his second single from the 'How Country Feels' album, Houser takes his girl to the country and romances her under the star, "Whoa...Girl Every now and then you get a night like this...Whoa...This is one that we don't wanna miss," I think you get the idea. Nonetheless Houser feels as if he's 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight.'

Can a song be sexy and fun? If so, then Randy Houser has it, because after the first chorus you'll be hooked and singing along. It's a side of Houser we haven't heard before, still the fact remains, this song sounds like another Gold selling soon to be #1. Check it out and you tell me what you think?

Come on baby let me take you on a night ride
Windows down, sittin' on my side
Tick tock now were knocking on midnight
Me and you girl runnin' outta moonlight
I wanna hold you till the break of dawn
Hear the crickets sing a riverside love song
Hey baby all we got is all night
Come on now were runnin' outta moonlight

Hey baby don't it feel so right
Come on now were runnin' outta moonlight
All I wanna do is hold you tight
Come on, come on, come on were runnin' outta moonlight

Randy Houser - 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight'