Randy Brown has been doing what he loves for years, and it's all starting to pay off for him. His newest CD, 'The High Cost of Low Livin'' has helped Randy start receiving much deserved notoriety outside the Dallas/Ft. Worth music scene. I got a chance to catch up with the honky tonk singer when he stopped by for a visit to the KEAN 105 studios.

I've known Randy for several years, and it's good to see all his hard work (and play) has finally begun to bear fruit. As he mentioned in our interview, Brown enjoyed a lot of success on the Texas music airwaves with his first two singles off 'High Cost of Low Livin'', including 'My Days Are Numbered' and 'Trouble Is'. Now he's on tour to promote his third single, 'Beautiful Wreck'. Here's the full interview:

Aside from his usual concert dates around the southwestern United States, Randy hosts his annual 'Rendezvous' in Playa del Carmen with Randy Rogers, Jason Boland and Stoney LaRue. The 2013 getaway concert is scheduled for June 19-23.