You've all heard the jokes about Abilene being boring. Heck, there are t-shirts that say "Keep Abilene Boring" and people call this place "AbiLame".

Well, we decided to come up with a list of things to do to add a little excitement to your life in this boring town.

Here are some random things to do in Abilene when you're bored.

  • Run through Wal-Mart tapping people on the back while yelling "tag, you're it", then run off.
  • If you work in an office, leave a trail of Mt. Dew on the floor all the way to the bathroom.
  • Go to the next City Council meeting, request to speak, then talk in your best Yoda voice.
  • Take your pet to the animal shelter or Rescue the Animals and ask about their conjugal visitation hours. Tell them your pet hasn't 'had any' in months.
  • Go to a fitness center/gym and ask if you can use their showers. Before they can say no, tell them you'll need help getting those 'hard to reach places'.
  • Go to fast-food restaurant and order a diet water. Stay serious the entire time.
  • Ask a panhandler for spare change
  • Super glue a dollar bill to the sidewalk downtown then watch as people pass by and attempt to pick it up
  • Go to the YMCA and see if you can get anyone there to do the dance with you. (The YMCA dance)
  • Go to a Texas Roadhouse and start singing Happy Birthday to a random person, just to see if the rest of the place joins in and the waitstaff brings out the saddle.
  • Go to Jack Rabbit Slims and pay for every beer in pennies (must be 21 or over).
  • Go to City Hall and start a rap battle with Mayor Archibald.
  • Go to Wendy's and ask for a Big Mac.
  • Grab a box of condoms at HEB then ask the pharmacist if they have a fitting room.

We can not be held responsible if you attempt any of the above acts. But, if you do any of them (without being thrown in jail) and so happen to have video, then send it to us and we'll post that on our website.

If you have any additions to this list, just leave em in the comments section below.