Anybody who knows me knows I love it when I get to listen to a great new band. While Prophets And Outlaws are not necessarily a "new" band, they're new to me. And they are really great. I found that out when James, Matt and Steven dropped by the KEAN Afternoon Show for a visit.

The first part of my conversation with PAO included blaming them for the crummy weather we've had. "Me and James are brothers, and me and Matt have been playing together really ever since high school. So we've been playing together, just playing shows, I would go up with them at college and everything. After that, we started Prophets And Outlaws 2 1/2 years ago, kind of found our sound, kind of found a country-soul kinda thing going on, and that's what we've been doing". They also performed 'Sweet Soft Southern Smile' for us. Take a listen:

We also took time to share, 'Soul Shop', which is PAO's first radio single, although it's not actually a new song. The band recorded it a while ago, but found their first opportunity to promote it statewide now. Check out a sample here:

The last part of my interview with James, Matt and Steven included Matt telling us "We're excited about this year for sure.It's our first radio tour, first time with Vision Entertainment, first time with someone helping us out and backing us up, and, we're excited to see what happens.". I also managed to get them to do an in-studio performance of 'Nothing But Me'. Take a listen:

It was great to have these guys stop by. If you want to find out more about Prophets And Outlaws, check them out on their official website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. And you can buy all three of the PAO EP's on iTunes. We'll be on the look out for them on the road, too. Hopefully they'll be hitting a stage in the Big Country soon!