Prophets and Outlaws have seen their stock rise considerably in 2014. As they prepare for the release of their new EP, PAO are finding themselves playing more shows in new places, unprecedented radio play and constantly growing their fan base. While promoting their latest single, 'Shine On Me', Matt, Steven and James paid a visit to the KEAN Afternoon Show.

The new Prophets and Outlaws 5-song EP - expected to be out in the next couple months - is their fourth EP against no full-length albums. I asked why they made the decision to produce CD's with fewer songs. Stephen tells us, "We like doing that. We try to pick 5 songs that really go together. Our music changes a little bit each time, so we try to make the five songs work together and get it out. That way we can get music out faster....we like to think outside the box.". Fair enough. These days, faster is better, right?

Matt, Steven and James also performed a couple songs for us while in studio, including 'Sweet Soft Southern Smile', followed by 'Nothing But Me'. Take a listen to the outstanding harmonies the guys from Prophets and Outlaws put together:

Prophets and Outlaws Interview

If you like Prophets and Outlaws, be sure to check them out on stage as they play September 11 at The Silo with Stoney LaRue. You can also find them on their official website, and link up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and buy their music on iTunes. Take a listen to the latest PAO single, 'Shine on Me' as they performed it recently on the Troubadour TX Listening Room.

Prophets and Outlaws - Shine On Me - in the 'Troubadour TX Listening Room'