With deer season upon us it's good to know that some deer are not afraid to take on any new comers in their territory, check out this dog just meandering through the forest, minding his own business when his canine day turns for the worst when a cute harmless little deer enters the picture.
The doe clearly has a bad taste in her mouth for anything canine. I the cycle of wildlife, coyote often prey on the young fawns that are somewhat helpless when left unattended. But if there's a mama doe around you can bet a weeks wages that the predator will get a real good fight from the does. Now after viewing this several times it's apparent that this doe has had it's fill with the coyotes and is exacting it's revenge of the small boxer she mistook for a coyote and/or wolf.
From the very beginning it appears the dog wants nothing to do with whatever it is, that is coming at him at like a full speed ahead freight train. After the dog gets "rolled" by Mrs. Doe, the boxer looks around at his master as if to ask, "well? are you just going to stand there and video tape this or are you going to get me a high powered rifle with some high powered ammo to take this crazy doe out?".