President Obama spoke at a reception for the start of LGBT Pride Month Monday (6/30), and used the opportunity to bid farewell to his long time White House pastry chef Bill Yosses.

Yosses was in attendance for the rally, where Barack Obama announced that he would be leaving his post as pastry chef. The president stated "We call Bill 'The Crust Master' because his pies...I don't know what he does...he puts crack in them, or...". Laughter stopped the president, and First Lady Michelle Obama intervened, saying, "No he doesn't. There is no crack in our pies." The president admits they have had to establish a "no pie during the week" for the sake of their health. Take a look at the clip here:

While I didn't think this was the president's best joke ever, it was kind of funny. This was obviously just intended to be a lighthearted complement to the talents of a great pastry chef, and I don't think there's anything inappropriate to report here. But anytime the president is involved, videos like this are bound to have a polarizing effect.