I was asked the other day what my New Year's resolution was going to be for 2014. I had no idea, hadn't really thought about it. Honestly, I don't usually make a resolution, so to speak, because rarely are they ever followed through on. However, I think I came up with one I'm going to try to keep up.

Every day around lunch my honey calls and says 'what's for dinner'? My response is always the same...I have no idea. I don't pre-plan evening meals very often. I get home from work, open the fridge and freezer to see if something jumps out at me. Then I say, where do y'all want to go?

However, this year I am going to try and be better at planning out meals for my family. They are usually healthier than eating out and it's much cheaper in the long run. So that will be my resolution for the new year. Plan out more home meals. Now when I get that call at noon, I can have a definitive answer!

What is your resolution for 2014?