As CarWalk came and went this past week, and a couple other small car gatherings took place over the weekend. In a recent blog I posted, I asked the one question, 'Are You a Chevy, Dodge or Ford Person?' Many car enthusiasts participated in the poll, while the over all winner did not surprise me, the runner up did.

I was almost certain Chevy would win but I expected Ford to come in a real close second. That was not the case. Chevy is tops at 55%, surprisingly Dodge got 22% and Ford got just over 16%. What has happened? Have our likes changed over time? Is Ford declining? Is Dodge gaining in popularity? Or is it that Dodge has always been second banana only now Mopar/Dodge fans are coming out of the closet? What ever the case may be here's how it revs up. Check out the complete poll results here.

Check out the muscle power