Dophins and humans have an uncanny affection for each other so when a pod of about 30 dolphins ended up a little too close to shore a group of humans help stear them back in the right direction.

In Arraial do Cabo, Brazil a group or pod as they are called, of dolphins swam too close to shore and ended up on the beach. This beach luckily had a group or two legged beasts as they are called, of humans that jumped in and helped them get back into the water.

There were a few bystanders that just watched but for the most part men came running to help pull and push the dolphins back out to deeper waters, where they could turn themselves around and swim away.

Had the beach goers not helped these dolphins would surely have died. It's nice to see people jumping in to help animals in need. Now had they been sharks I'm not so sure this would have been the case.

In the video you can see the dolphins being swept in with the current and eventually land on the sand that's when the men run in to help. When all the dolphins are on their way back out to see you can hear everyone on shore cheering and clapping.

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