You'll remember a while back, almost a year ago, I told you the story of Dallas native and model Lauren Scruggs who went for a plane ride to look at Christmas lights. Once on the ground Lauren was leaving the plane and walked to the front right into the planes propeller, which was still running. Lauren was badly injured. Losing her left eye and arm in the accident. She has made a remarkable recovery over the last 11 months and is about the release her memoir next week.

The book is titled "Still Lolo: A Spinning Propeller, a Horrific Accident, and a Family's Journey of Hope" and is the autobiography of 23 year old Lauren. Her parents also have excerpts in the book and talk about how their faith got them and Lauren through this journey.

Lauren says she remembers nothing of the accident, which is probably a blessing. The last thing she remembers is stepping out of the plane. She suffered a fractured skull, brain injuries, broken collarbone, and lost her left arm and eye.

Since the accident Lauren has received a prosthetic arm and eye. She has gone through grueling hours of rehab and is getting her life back on track. The book will be released next Thursday, November 15th in hardback on for e-books.

You can leave well wishes for Lauren on Facebook or follow her progress through her families blog