It happens in every sports city during the off season -- first you make a player look bad in the press with tiny little nuggets of nothing passed off as "news" and once he's out of town the "thank god that malcontent is gone" rhetoric continues until another target is found. Today's city -- Philly.

The Philadelphia media is firing cheesesteak-stained missiles at Joe Banner, Andy Reid, Nnamdi Asomugha now and painting the picture that Asomugha isn't a team player. OH NO! NOT THE DREADED "NOT A TEAM PLAYER" TAG! What did he do? Please don't let this have anything to do with eating ham sandwiches because that could KILL a man's career.

"Nnamdi Asomugha ate lunch in his car during practices instead of eating with his teammates last season, WIP Radio in Philadelphia reported Tuesday. WIP Radio’s Hollis Thomas, who played for the Eagles from 1996 to 2005, reported the information, citing unnamed sources, who told Thomas that Asomugha chose to eat in his car in order to secure some “me time” during the season."

It should also be noted that WIP is the official broadcast home of the Philadelphia Eagles, who in no way, can benefit from bad mouthing a player who might get released in the coming days from a team that's cleaning house and bracing for a possible 6-7 win season.

So does eating lunch in your car to avoid coworkers and a terrible work environment make you a malcontent? If so, I've been a malcontent for my previous eleven jobs. Asomugha should be allowed to eat his lunch wherever the hell he wants. If he wants to sit in his car, listen to Taylor Swift, eat Lunchables and wonder how he ended up leaving the Raiders for a worse situation he can because it's his lunch break.

Wait, so does he only eat the meat in his Lunchables and throw away the crackers? GET HIM OUT OF TOWN!