The album was released last year yet the song went almost unnoticed. Until this year. Phil Vassar and his people have made a bold move and are drawing attention to what I call a "fun, adult, jazz infused Christmas tune." Phil sounds like he had way too much fun cutting this holiday song. Be warned, it talks about some adult subject matter. Give it a listen, this tune is rocking!

A word of caution though, when I was listening to it I was jamming out to it and at one point my 10 year-old daughter asked "daddy did Mrs. Claus get a dear?" I told her "she must have sweetie" (the song eludes to "Santa's got the blue pills and Mrs. Claus got a new rack"), I quickly turned it down. Nonetheless, this is a fun, funny and very entertaining tune that will have you singing along in no time. Check it out and if you like it order it online through

This is Phil Vassar - Santa's Gone Hollywood