Here are the top 5 stories for the past week just in cased you missed one.

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    Is Phil Robertson Leaving “Duck Dynasty”?

    Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, could be leaving the show. The guys recently did an interview with Parade magazine and Phil was asked how long he planned to stay on the show. To get the full story, just click here.

    Phil Robertson YouTube
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    "A Soldier's Memoir" the PTSD Song is Released

    Country newcomer Joe Bachman's new song "A Soldiers Memoir (the PTSD Song)" has opened my eyes to better understanding. I'm going to warn you though, it's a tear-jerker. To check out this story and hear the song, click here.

    Joe Bachman Facebook photo
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    A New Species of Spider is Discovered

    They are creepy, sneaky, ugly and they crawl everywhere. A new species of spider has just been discovered in Sri Lanka and it's the size of a humans face! To check out the creepy video just click here.

    Tiger Tarantula YouTube
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    Abilene Realtors & Salvation Army Hand Out New Shoes

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    Puppy Finds Easiest Way to Go Down Staircase

    This black lab puppy has found the easiest and fastest way down to get down a flight of stairs or maybe it’s just for fun. To check out the video click here.

    Puppy Slide YouTube