You are on the road, you're tired. You just want a nice place to stay, take a shower, relax and get a good nights sleep. You don't expect to be spied on, but one family in New Mexico got just that after being told they were going to be given a special room.

When a family that included two young children checked into the motel in New Mexico they were told they were getting a special room and at rate. Everything was fine the night they checked in, however, the next morning was so routine.

The family all took showers and that is when they started hearing noises from the bathroom. The dad went in to investigate closer and found a crack in the shower under the faucet and an eye looking back at him. He started yelling and heard a person behind the wall.

What they found was that the workers were using a maintenance corridor to access the shower wall and drill a peephole. The police were called in to investigate and found a bucket where the workers would sit and spy on the occupants of the room.

Three workers finally admitted to being in the corridor but said they were working on TV's.