A pee-wee league football player is so good the league has limited him to the number of touchdowns he can score in a game. It's a rule that was implemented before Demias by a player who Demias is being compared to, former Razorback QB Madre Hill. The rule is named after him.

Madre Hill was such a phenomenal player at this age that the pee-wee league named a rule after him that stated if a team is up by 14 points or 2 touchdowns then the QB is not allowed to score anymore touchdowns. It basically is a rule that keeps the score from being run up and allows everyone a chance to play.

Jimerson is an 11 year old 6th grader who has a lot of skill and speed. He says he understands the rule and it bothered him at first but not anymore. He says God comes first, then grades then football. Plus he knows that next year the rule doesn't apply and he can make as many touchdowns as he can! Guess we can keep an eye on him as a future NFL player.