If you are throwing a party for yourself and you want to invite all of your friends, be careful using Facebook. A 16 year old girl in Germany decided to invite her friends to her sweet-sixteen birthday party but neglected to check her Facebook settings as "private". That is when the invite got way out of control. Over 1,500 people showed up and so did the police, firefighters and the ambulances.

Things went from calm to wild in a matter of moments in Hamburg Germany when the girl known only as Thessa had over 1,500 confirmations to her birthday party. Despite public announcements that the party had beencanceled, 1,500 teenagers and adults alike showed up in front of Thessa's home, most of which she admits she doesn't even know.

Many of the partakers and well-wishers said the party was a huge success

although Thessa was nowhere to be found. One officer was hurt protecting the hood ornament on his patrol car, many barefoot girls had their feet cut from broken glass and some of the boys started a few grass and trash fires. Many revelers brought either signs that said "Wheres Thessa?" or "We Love Thessa" while others brought presents and homemade cakes. Police said alcohol played a major role in the dozen or so that were detained. This is a birthday party this sixteen year old girl will never forget, and neither will her parents because they had to hire security to protect the house.