Well here in West Texas we are entering something like 50 days of 100+ temperatures.  Those temps with lack of rain are wreaking havoc all over the state and lakes, streams and rivers are drying up fast.  This is the case in Nacogdoches where the lake there is 9ft low and has exposed parts of the Columbia Space Shuttle.

February 1, 2003 the shuttle Columbia was on re-entry when it burned up over the skies of Texas and Louisiana, leaving debris scattered behind.

With the severe drought in Texas drying up many water sources in the state Lake Nacogdoches is no exception and last week the low water level exposed large parts of what turns out to be storage tanks off of the Columbia space shuttle.

The Nacogdoches police took pictures and sent them to NASA for positive identification.  Engineers at NASA confirmed they are indeed parts of Columbia.

After the disaster, debris was collected and documented and is now in storage. Only about 40% of the debris from Columbia has been recovered, the remainder either burned up on re-entry or has yet to be found.

With current conditions not seeming to let up it is possible more debris will appear. Police warn however, that if you find a piece of the shuttle it is illegal to keep them they must be turned over to the proper authorities.