My wife has always told me "pretty is, what pretty does" I don't really know what that means but I'm sure it fits here. Anyway, you're about to see a bunch of pretty girls turn ugly.  Just concentrate on the little plus thing in the middle. The first time I saw the I thought that the pictures had been changed, then I watched it again, and again. I can't figure this thing out. It's real freaky, these girls seem pretty enough if you view their pictures individually. However, stare at the cross in the center and well, here comes scary ugly. I'm thinking this ain't right, because now I'm going to have nightmares. Thanks a lot You-tube. 


This whole process is called "Flashed Face Distortion Effect." Watch it a few more times and the images become more grusome and seem to get scarier and scarier. See what I mean? I'm serious don't watch it if you suffer from frequent nightmares. Next thing you know you're sleeping with the lights on and dreaming of your mother in-law wearing that awful green face goop chasing you. I guess you can't trust everything you see, or can you? I swear I just saw Janet Reno.