After nine seasons and 187 episodes of drama, backstabbing, tragedies and hot make-out scenes, ‘One Tree Hill’ aired its 2-hour series finale Wednesday night. It was bittersweet watching both the cast and crew  interviews and the second half with its many flashback moments.

What are we going to miss the most, though? Most definitely seeing James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray’s pecs and abs.

“From the conversations I’ve had with fans, the show has helped them through tough periods in their lives,” confessed Lafferty. “I think that’s a testament to where the heart of our show is.”

We’ll all look back on the show with the utmost sense of fondness. There were just so many moments that warmed our hearts, like when Antwon Tanner stood shirtless in his kitchen, or when Austin Nichols lounged shirtless in his bed, or when… oh, you get we’re saying.

Here’s a look back at the hottest hunks from ‘One Tree Hill.’

Chad Michael Murray

Antwon Tanner

James Lafferty

Austin Nichols

Stephen Colletti

Robert Buckley