This story cracks me up.  Janice Dickinson is or was a model back in the day.  The self proclaimed "world's first supermodel" now runs her own modeling agency.  She was not bad looking at one time but she's had "some" work done here and there and has had problems both physically and emotionally.  Now, she's lost her teeth!!!This woman is crazy.  I watched some of her reality TV shows, she been in a few and she is not all there.

She seems to think she is beautiful but I say she's just plain scary.

Dickinson has readily admitted to a breast enlargement, tummy tuck, neck and facelift, liposuction and Botox.

Apparently that's not all that's fake either, she has some false teeth that she lost at a luncheon.  Janice was having lunch with a friend, took out her teeth, wrapped them in a napkin and then lost them.  Eventually the whole restaurant got involved in looking for the teeth.  They did eventually find them.  She went to the restroom washed them off and popped them back in.  That had to be embarrassing!!  I'm not making fun of the fact that she has false teeth, just that she is a larger than life character who tries to come off as being so perfect, I can just see her scrambling around under the table to find her teeth.