One of my coworkers asked me a question that has been bugging her for over 7 years now. She recently hurt her hand and was trying to adjust to the "one arm world" and not doing very well. I told her I'm not the one that's handicapped people with two arms are in my opinion, because you need two hands to do almost every daily routine. Well, out of fear of sounding rude or being nosy, she never asked but now she just had to know "how do you tie your shoes with just one hand Rudy?"It's a lot easier said than done. I can show you how to do it because trying to explain it is way too difficult and time consuming. I've included a couple of videos on how to do it, it takes time and practice. Another way is, get footwear that has hooks, like hiking boots or trail sneakers.

Photo by: Rudy F.


In my personal opinion, living in a one arm world is just thinking things through and being inventive. I have invented or rather redesigned many modern day contraptions just to accommodate me. So, see it's those of you with two hands that are in my opinion "handicapped" because when you're put into a "one arm" situation you're well handicapped.

My teeth have taken a beating over the years because I do a lot with my mouth, for example putting on my watch that has rubber straps (granted I could by an expanding watch band watch but I scuba and I need a dive watch) I lay it on my wrist and the rest is done with my mouth and teeth. Likewise putting on a glove takes teeth or opening sweetener packets again it's the teeth that get worked. I try to be careful because dentists are not cheap.

I used to tie my shoes with my hand and teeth then I'd slip them on. Now days, I really like my hiking boots. I predict you'll be tying with one hand like a pro in about 30 minutes.

I'd like to believe that the world would be a more accessible place if we all thought like we only have one of everything. One last thought, I love Velcro.


Finally, is there a right way or a wrong way to tie your laces? The answer is YES! You'll need to learn the correct way to tie the "strong knot" along the transverse axis of the knot. Check this video out!